• People who breathe through their mouths during the night will find full-face masks more effective than the smaller nasal CPAP masks. Full-face masks seal over both nose and mouth, allowing a consistent positive pressure.

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  • ComfortGel™ Full Face MaskRespironics

    The natural comfort features of the most popular nasal masks, in an innovative and practical full face version.

    FitLife™ Full Face MaskRespironics

    The perfect solution when facial hair or dentures make other masks hard to fit.

    FlexiFit™ 432 Full Face MaskFisher & Paykel

    New soft foam cushion for a more comfortable fit.

    Forma™ Full Face MaskFisher & Paykel

    Superior seal provides even more comfort and greater range of movement.

    FullLife Full Face MaskRespironics

    The practical, less bulky choice with minimal facial contact, comfort and performance

    Mirage Liberty™ Full Face MaskResMed

    A full face mask that seals individually at the mouth and nose so you have less mask and enjoy more freedom

    Mirage Quattro™ Full Face MaskResMed

    MicroFit dial offers 24 positions so the Mirage Quattro™ truly delivers a personalized fit and comfort for more than 95% of users.

    Total™ Face Full Face MaskRespironics

    A comfortable alternative for those who can?t get a good seal with a nasal mask, who experience skin breakdown or who are claustrophobic.

    Ultra Mirage™ Full Face MaskResMed

    Pressure leaks through your mouth are minimized for full therapy benefits.