• Many first-time CPAP patients can use nasal masks. These masks seal around the nose, leaving the mouth free. Often smaller and lighter than full-face CPAP masks, they can provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

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  • Aclaim 2 Nasal MaskFisher & Paykel

    A classic nasal mask that provides comfort using both foam and silicon seals.

    ComfortFusion Nasal MaskRespironics

    Comfortable headgear which combines a reliable seal with an easy fit.

    ComfortGel Blue Nasal MaskRespironics

    A whole new level of comfort! ComfortGel Blue raises the bar with minimized pressure points, reduced noise and redirected exhalation air flow so you get a better night's sleep.

    ComfortGel Nasal MaskRespironics

    Comfort, fit, stability and a seal that fits right the first time, every time.

    EasyLife Nasal MaskRespironics

    The self-adjusting seal is so extraordinary, it practically fits itself.

    FlexiFit™ 406 and 407 Nasal MaskFisher & Paykel

    A lightweight, over the nose mask that offers great fit and is easy to use.

    Mirage Activa™ LT Nasal MaskResMed

    Designed to ensure a comfortable, hassel-free night

    Mirage Micro™ Nasal MaskResMed

    A unique MicroFit dial allows you to fine-tune the fit to 24 positions.

    Mirage SoftGel™ Nasal MaskResMed

    The DoubleGel cushion?s outer layer provides unparalleled softness while the blue gel layer maintains stability and support.

    Ultra Mirage™ II Nasal MaskResMed

    All of the best features of the Ultra Mirage™ mask with improved forehead support and flexible pads that conform to the shape of your forehead.

    Zest™ Nasal MaskFisher & Paykel

    Compact, quiet, and effortless to use, the Zest™ automatically adjusts to a wide range of nasal and facial contours for superb comfort.