Can you tell me about the prick free meters as advertised on TV?

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As of yet there are no home blood glucose meters on the market that don’t require you to prick yourself for a sample of blood. The meter advertisements you hear on television usually say “no more pricking your fingers” and while it is true that you don’t have to always use your fingers for testing, you still need to obtain a drop of blood from somewhere. Most meters today allow for testing on alternate sites such as your forearm or palm of your hand. The good news is that most meters today require smaller blood samples and the newer lancets and lancet devices allow you to obtain that blood quickly and with minimal discomfort. Because changes in your blood glucose are detected more quickly in your fingertips than other sites, it is best to use the fingers whenever your blood glucose levels may be changing rapidly such as within two hours after a meal, after exercise, if you’re concerned about your blood glucose being too low and after taking an injection of certain types of insulin. I would suggest that you check your meter User’s Guide for full information about the use of alternate site testing or call the manufacturer using the customer service number located on the back of your meter to see if your particular meter is approved for this type of testing.

Home glucose testing is an important tool in helping to manage your diabetes. Testing on a regular basis can provide valuable information as to how food, activity and medications are affecting your levels.

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