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Questions about diabetes? You can find answers at LibertyMedical.com. As one of the most trusted providers of diabetes supplies and products, Liberty Medical has a wealth of resources to answer all your diabetes questions. You'll find articles about a wide variety of topics, recipes to help manage your diabetes, and answers to your questions about living with diabetes. Visit LibertyMedical.com today to explore everything Liberty® has to offer and to get answers to all your diabetes questions.

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Get articles, news, recipes and answers to your diabetes questions.

Whether you've been living with diabetes for years or have been newly diagnosed, you're bound to have questions about the latest news about diabetes, the best recipes for a diabetic diet, how to connect with others living with diabetes and more. At LibertyMedical.com you'll find diabetes articles and videos that provide information, knowledge and resources that can help you:

  • Understand diabetes. Whether you have questions about the difference between a type 1 and type 2 diabetic or are wondering about the potential long-term effects on your health, you'll find answers at LibertyMedical.com.
  • Manage your diet. The most frequently asked diabetes questions concern what you should eat. On Liberty's web site you'll find a host of delicious diabetic recipes specially designed for people living with diabetes.
  • Improve your general health. Learn how to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, take care of your feet, develop healthy eating habits and more.
  • Stay fit. Questions about diabetes and exercise are answered in articles showing you how to stay safe and keep motivated.

Liberty Medical is your best source for diabetes supplies and answers to your questions about products.

In addition to answers to diabetes questions, Liberty Medical is the leading provider of diabetes supplies and products to more than one million people and more than 230,000 physicians nationwide. At Liberty Medical you'll find all the supplies you need to help you manage your diabetes, including:

  • Insulin supplies from Novolin® and Humulin®, available with your doctor's prescription. We help make it easy to stay on top of your insulin inventory by providing reorder reminders, shipping insulin right to your door, and processing your Medicare or insurance claims. And our customer care representatives are always available to help answer any questions you have about your insulin supply.
  • Insulin pumps, including products from Medtronic, Animas and ACCU-CHEK.
  • Glucose meters from a wide selection of diabetes meter brands, and continuous glucose monitoring devices that provide readings every minute throughout the day.

When ordering from Liberty Medical, you can be assured that our dedicated team will help you select the products that are right for you and answer your questions about various diabetes products.

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