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Looking for diabetes resources? You'll find a wealth of information at LibertyMedical.com. Liberty® is one of the leading providers of diabetes products and services and has put together a helpful and comprehensive web site full of diabetes resources. Whether you're dealing with a recent diagnosis, seeking new recipes to liven up mealtimes, or researching the most effective diabetes products, you'll find great resources and answers to your diabetes questions at LibertyMedical.com.

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News, recipes, articles and other diabetes resources.

At LibertyMedical.com, you'll find a rich collection of diabetes resources that includes information about:

  • Managing your diabetes. Learn more about diabetes, about the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, about Medicare and diabetes, and much more. Find resources to help you select the best diabetes products and learn more about recent developments in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Eating well on a diabetes diet. From articles on nutrition to a database of healthy and tasty recipes for a diabetic diet, LibertyMedical.com offers wonderful resources to help you manage your diet and your blood glucose levels.
  • Staying fit and healthy. Keeping fit is an essential part of managing your diabetes. With helpful resources from LibertyMedical.com, you can develop an exercise regimen that will help you to enjoy staying fit. You'll also find articles about controlling your weight, caring for your feet, lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure and managing your diabetes medications.
  • Staying positive. View inspirational videos and read articles about others who are living well with diabetes.

Go to LibertyMedical.com/certified-diabetes-educator to get answers to many questions about diabetes. And check out Liberty Medical on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

More than resources: Liberty provides affordable access to diabetes products and supplies.

In addition to invaluable diabetes resources, Liberty is a trusted source of diabetes products. Liberty offers free shipping** directly to your front door, as well as dedicated customer care representatives who will help you choose the products you need to better manage your diabetes. Liberty carries a wide selection of products that include:

  • Glucose meters. Whether you prefer an ACCU-CHEK meter or another diabetes test device for monitoring glucose, you'll find the brands you trust at Liberty Medical.
  • Insulin supplies and insulin pumps. Liberty carries Novolin® and Humulin® insulin supplies and makes your life easier by reminding you when it's time to reorder, delivering right to your front door, and managing your insurance or Medicare claims for you.
  • Other supplies. From syringes to CPAP supplies, Liberty offers a comprehensive list of supplies for people living with diabetes.

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