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For information about diabetes risk factors, turn to LibertyMedical.com. As a trusted provider of diabetes products to more than one million people living with diabetes, Liberty Medical is also an excellent source of helpful information about the disease. At LibertyMedical.com you'll find Information on diabetes that includes articles and news about diabetes risk factors, along with information about diabetes and exercise, guidelines for successful diabetes management, and answers to many diabetes questions. You'll learn how to identify and avoid diabetes risk factors, how to improve your diet and exercise routine, and get news on the latest treatments for diabetes.

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Visit Liberty Medical's web site, LibertyMedical.com and check out LibertyMedical.com/certified-diabetes-educator for answers to diabetes questions. You can also view Liberty®'s pages on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube for lots of helpful articles and videos about risk factors and suggestions for controlling diabetes, including:

  • Recipes for a diabetes diet that reduce sugar and fat while retaining flavor and providing proper nutrition. With the right diet, many people can mitigate the risk factors of diabetes.
  • Exercise instructions that can help you begin and sustain a fitness program to improve your health and control your weight, mitigating diabetes risk factors.
  • Inspirational stories and articles about people who are successfully managing their diabetes and living a healthier life.
  • Articles about diabetes, including information about causes and risk factors, how to better manage blood pressure and cholesterol, and more.

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  • Glucose meters - you'll find a broad range of meters from trusted brands. Order an ACCU-CHEK meter, or see if you qualify to receive a free meter from Liberty.†
  • Insulin and insulin pump supplies - Liberty carries Novolin® and Humulin® insulin supplies as well as pumps made by Medtronic, ACCU-CHEK and Animas.
  • PerfectPoint Lancet - a virtually pain-free testing device from Liberty.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring systems - for round the clock glucose readings.
  • Medications - filled through Liberty's online pharmacy.
  • CPAP supplies, ostomy supplies, incontinence supplies, catheter supplies and more.

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