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For people living with diabetes, Liberty Medical is a comprehensive source of diabetes supplies - from meters for monitoring glucose to insulin pump supplies to continuous glucose monitoring systems. Liberty® accepts a variety of insurance plans including Medicare, so your costs for diabetes supplies may be little or nothing.** Offering free shipping**, a No Risk Guarantee* and great customer service, Liberty has become one of the country's leading providers of diabetes supplies for more than 230,000 doctors and one million people living with diabetes in the U.S.

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Find a wide range of diabetes supplies at Liberty Medical.

For people living with diabetes, Liberty Medical makes it easy to get the supplies you need to manage your diabetes. Liberty offers a comprehensive selection of diabetes supplies that includes:

  • Insulin pumps. Liberty provides ACCU-CHEK, Animas and Medtronic insulin pumps - a Liberty customer care representative can help you choose the right pump for you based on the features and benefits each pump offers.
  • Insulin supplies. Liberty offers insulin such as Novolin® and Humulin® as well as a comprehensive range of insulin supplies so you can get all your insulin products from a single provider.
  • Glucose meters. Liberty's wide selection of glucose meters includes the ACCU-CHEK Aviva meter, the Abbott Freestyle meter and the Freedom Lite meter. Liberty also offer free glucose meters† to qualified customers.
  • PerfectPoint Lancet. The PerfectPoint Lancet and Liberty II lancing device can provide a diabetes test experience that is virtually free of pain. The devices' super-thin needles and 5 depth settings enable you to get an ideal blood sample quickly - in less than three microseconds.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring systems. Choose from the MiniMed Guardian® REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System or the DexCom™ Seven Glucose Monitoring System.

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In addition to diabetes supplies, you'll also find a wealth of knowledge and resources at LibertyMedical.com. From videos about food preparation to articles about diabetes and exercise to diabetic recipes, LibertyMedical.com offers information and inspiration for people living with diabetes. Learn more about managing diabetes; research the latest equipment, supplies and diabetes medications, and find the information and inspiration you need to enjoy a long and vibrant life.

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