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As one of the nation's leading providers of diabetic supplies, Liberty Medical delivers quality diabetes products right to your door, with free shipping** and a No Risk Guarantee*. Because Liberty® accepts Medicare and other insurance plans, your diabetic supplies may cost you little or nothing**. It's no wonder that Liberty Medical is the first choice for diabetic supplies for more than 230,000 physicians and 1,000,000 people managing diabetes nationwide.

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Liberty offers a comprehensive selection of diabetic supplies.

When you choose Liberty for your diabetic supplies, you'll find a wide variety of products designed to make living with diabetes easier, including:

  • Glucose meters. Liberty offers a broad selection of glucose meters, including the Abbott Freestyle meter, Freedom Lite Meter, and ACCU-CHEK Aviva, as well as free glucose meters†.
  • PerfectPoint Lancet. Liberty's new PerfectPoint lancet and Liberty II lancing device offer a virtually pain-free testing experience. With PerfectPoint's super-thin needle and 5 depth settings on the Liberty II, you can get an ideal blood sample in less than 3 microseconds.
  • Insulin supplies. For people taking insulin, Liberty offers a complete line of insulin and supplies, enabling you to order all your diabetic supplies from a single provider from the comfort of your home. Liberty carries both Novolin® and Humulin® insulin products, as well as a full range of syringes and other supplies.
  • Insulin pumps. Liberty carries several insulin pumps, including products from Medtronic, Animas, ACCU-CHEK and others. Liberty customer care representatives can help you find the pump and insulin pump supplies that offer the right level of convenience and health benefits for you.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring systems. For the latest in blood glucose monitors, Liberty carries two continuous glucose monitoring systems - the Guardian® REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System by MiniMed, and the DexCom™ Seven Glucose Monitoring System.

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Liberty Medical's site provides people living with diabetes with a broad selection of articles, recipes, information, support and diabetes education, including reviews of diabetic supplies and products. You'll find videos on diabetes and food preparation through the Liberty YouTube channels, as well as recipes for healthy living and comprehensive information about managing a diabetic lifestyle through Facebook and Twitter. You can also get answers to many diabetes questions at LibertyMedical.com/certified-diabetes-educator.

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