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When you're planning a diet for diabetes, Liberty Medical can help. As one of the nation's leading providers of diabetes products, Liberty® also offers a web site filled with nutrition information and a wealth of recipes that help make a diet for diabetes more manageable - and flavorful. Whether you're cooking for a Type 2 diabetes diet or managing your diagnosis of pre-diabetes through diet, you'll find Liberty's recipes, information and instructions an invaluable part of your meal planning.

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Liberty offers delicious recipes and valuable nutrition information for a diet for diabetes.

At you'll find all the information you need to successfully manage a diet for diabetes. Liberty offers a broad collection of articles about topics that include nutrition, weight control and exercise, as well as a nice selection of recipes for every meal, including snacks. With help from Liberty Medical, your diet for diabetes may include delicious dishes like Ground Lamb Tagine with Currants, Lemon Chicken with Caper-Shallot Sauce, Sautéed Pork Chops with Balsamic-Glazed Apples, Fresh Strawberry Sherbet, and many more. Liberty's recipes have been specifically designed for a diabetes diet - many use alternative ingredients to help reduce sugar and fat without sacrificing flavor. You'll also find helpful videos about food preparation, including how to prepare many of the diabetic recipes in the Liberty collection. And you can browse recipes easily through Liberty's Facebook page:

Liberty Medical - your resource for diabetes products, supplies, diet information and more.

While is a great source of recipes for a diet for diabetes, Liberty offers many more benefits for people living with diabetes. offers free access to a rich collection of articles, news and other diabetes resources. You can research diabetes risk factors and understand the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, learn about how to better care for your body through exercise and diet, how to manage your cholesterol and blood pressure, and much more.

Liberty is also one of the leading providers of diabetes products. More than 230,000 physicians and more than one million people living with diabetes turn to Liberty for:

  • Diabetes medication from Liberty's online pharmacy.
  • Diabetes testing devices such as blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring systems.
  • Insulin and insulin pumps.
  • CPAP supplies and other supplies that include ostomy supplies, incontinence supplies and catheter supplies.

Liberty offers free shipping** on products and a No Risk Guarantee*. And for qualified individuals, Liberty offers free glucose meters†- contact Liberty today to inquire about your eligibility.

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