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Need a device for monitoring glucose? Liberty Medical offers free glucose meters† to qualified individuals. Liberty® is one of the leading providers of glucose meters and other products and supplies for people living with diabetes, delivering products directly to your door with free shipping** and a No Risk Guarantee.* Contact Liberty today to see if you qualify to receive free glucose meters†. !

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Free glucose meters† from Liberty®

Liberty carries two glucose meters that may be available to you for free†:

The Liberty® Glucose Meter is a new no-coding meter that gives you the freedom to test at alternate sites including your fingertips or forearm. These glucose meters need only a .5-microliter blood sample and deliver results as fast as four seconds. With a large display and an easy-to-read meter, Liberty glucose meters can store 500 test results in memory and provide you with the average of readings of one week, two weeks or 30 days. These meters also feature audible fill detection and four testing reminder alarms.

The Liberty® Diabetes Glucose Meter is specially designed for seniors and features a large backlit display, rubber grips on the side for easier handling, a special end-fill design that makes sample application simple, automatic mealtime averages and up to six daily test reminder alarms.

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Other glucose meters available from Liberty - with free shipping**.

In addition to free Liberty Glucose Meters†, you'll find a wide selection of other glucose meters with free shipping** at, including meters from:

  • Abbott meters. Liberty carries the The Abbott FreeStyle Freedom® Lite Glucose Meter and the Abbott FreeStyle® Lite Meter, with easy-to-read displays and no-coding systems for easier testing.
  • ACCU-CHEK products. The ACCU-CHEK ® Aviva Glucose Meter offers a pre-loaded six-lancet drum while the ACCU-CHEK® Compact Plus Glucose Meter makes testing easier with a 17 strip load-and-go drum.
  • OneTouch meters. OneTouch® Ultra®2 Glucose Meter and OneTouch® UltraMini® Glucose Meter require only a one microliter sample size and return results in 5 seconds.
  • Prodigy diabetes meter. The Prodigy® Glucose Meter is designed for the visually impaired, offering audible memory and data management and alternate-site testing.

Liberty also carries a comprehensive selection of diabetes supplies, including insulin, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring systems, CPAP supplies, ostomy supplies, incontinence supplies, catheter supplies and more - available with free shipping!**

And you can count on Liberty to be an excellent resource for diabetes recipes as well as articles and news about diabetes and exercise, type 2 diabetes, how to manage your diabetes, diabetes medication, and much more. Visit for answers to many diabetes questions, or check out Liberty Medical on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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