Liberty Medical makes managing diabetes easier.

As a premier provider of diabetes products and information, Liberty Medical makes managing diabetes simpler and more convenient. Offering a full range of diabetes products - including glucose meters and insulin supplies - as well as diabetes information, recipes and support, Liberty Medical is a one-stop source for everything you need for managing diabetes more easily and affordably.

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Helpful diabetes resources for managing your health and lifestyle.

Liberty's® website is a portal of diabetes information, providing people living with diabetes with a wealth of information and resources for managing diabetes more easily. Throughout you'll find:

  • Diabetes articles. Learn more about the disease, the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, the latest news about diabetes, reviews of diabetes supplies and equipment, and more.
  • Diabetes recipes. Diet is big part of successfully managing diabetes and Liberty provides a wealth of healthy and tasty recipes designed especially for people living with the disease. Check out the Liberty recipe application on
  • Answers to diabetes questions. Whether you've just received your diagnosis or want to know more about the latest developments in diabetes health, provides answers to your questions about managing the disease and treatments.
  • Diabetes support. A variety of articles and resources can help you be a more informed caregiver, deal with depression, improve your emotional outlook, deal with managing multiple health issues, and much more.

Superior products for managing diabetes.

Liberty makes managing diabetes easier by providing a comprehensive line of diabetes products, including:

  • Glucose meters from Liberty, Abbott, ACCU-CHEK, One Touch and Prodigy.
  • PerfectPoint Lancets. Insulin, including Novolin and Humulin.
  • Insulin pumps from Medtronic, ACCU-CHEK and Animas.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring systems from MiniMed and DexCom.
  • ResMed CPAP supplies including nasal masks, pillow systems, full face masks and replacement parts and accessories.
  • Incontinence supplies.
  • Catheter supplies from Bard, Coloplast, Hollister, Mentor and Rochester Medical.
  • Ostomy supplies.

Liberty's free shipping** and No Risk Guarantee* make it easy and convenient to have products shipped right to your door. And because Liberty accepts Medicare and other insurance plans, your costs may be little to nothing**. Additionally, Liberty's dedicated staff is always available to help you choose the right products for managing your diabetes and to make sure your supplies are delivered when you need them.

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