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When you're seeking help managing a Type 2 diabetes diet, you can rely on Liberty Medical for comprehensive information and great recipes. Liberty® is one of the country's leading providers of diabetic supplies, and the LibertyMedical.com web site features great learning resources and cooking help for a Type 2 diabetes diet. Visit Liberty's site today to browse diet recipes, read articles about nutrition guidelines for Type 2 diabetes, watch food preparation videos and get the latest news about recommendations for a Type 2 diabetes diet.

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Liberty® provides recipes and nutrition information for a Type 2 diabetes diet.

Managing Type 2 diabetes through diet and nutrition can be a challenge, but Liberty® makes it easier with a collection of great recipes to help you eat more healthy meals without giving up flavor. Maple-Pecan pie, for example, uses sugar-free maple syrup rather than corn syrup to bring more flavor while cutting carbs in half. Asian Fish Burgers with Slaw reduces carbs by foregoing the hamburger bun while adding flavor with ginger and wasabi. And Homemade Maple-Orange Granola uses egg whites in place of oil and sugar-free syrup instead of sugar to make a delicious breakfast cereal with less sugar and fat. With recipes from Liberty Medical, you'll find it easier to make mealtime exciting on a Type 2 diabetes diet. You'll find many articles, too, about nutrition on a Type 2 diabetes diet. Read about the vitamins and minerals you need for energy and strong bones, how tea can help you improve your health, the different ways fast and slow carbs affect your blood sugar levels, how to sauté the low-fat way, and much more.

Liberty Medical offers diet resources, diabetes products and information about Type 2 diabetes.

In addition to offering a wealth of diet tips and articles about Type 2 diabetes, Liberty Medical also provides a comprehensive selection of diabetes products and supplies, including blood glucose monitors, diabetes medications, insulin pump supplies, and other products for controlling diabetes. With free shipping** and a No Risk Guarantee*, Liberty is the choice of more than 1,000,000 people living with diabetes and more than 230,000 treating Type 2 diabetes.

Liberty's information and resources are also available at Facebook.com/libertymedical, Twitter.com/libertymedical, YouTube.com/libertymedical and LibertyMedical.com/certified-diabetes-educator.

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