• One of the biggest advantages of insulin pump therapy is having better control of your blood glucose. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that people who use an insulin pump lower their A1C level more than those who use multiple daily injections of insulin.

    With an insulin pump, you have the ability to tailor your dose and make adjustments according to your individual need, like when you're eating more or less or when you 're exercising. This helps you to avoid wide swings in your glucose level and makes it easier for you to stay within your target range both day and night.
    If you're an active person, the insulin pump may be just the thing for you. Because the pump provides you with a continuous dose of insulin and allows you to take addition insulin with the push of a button when needed, you don't have to worry about carrying around any extra equipment or disposing of syringes. And you can learn to adjust your dosing schedule to fit your lifestyle. Using an insulin pump can give you more freedom to enjoy the things you like to do.
    Don't worry about having to be a rocket scientist to be able to use an insulin pump. Insulin pumps have come a long way in recent years. Pumps today have features which make them easier to use. You shouldn't expect to become an expert overnight though, using an insulin pump will take some getting used to. With training and help from your diabetes team, you can soon be on your way to using an insulin pump to better manage your diabetes.
    If you require insulin injections several times a day, then an insulin pump may be a good choice for you. The pump supplies you with a continuous supply of insulin and the ability to infuse additional insulin, when needed, with the push of a button. No more need to use a syringe or insulin pen to inject your insulin multiple times a day.
    If you work unconventional hours, you understand the challenges of balancing your insulin needs with your eating patterns and sleep and work schedule. Using an insulin pump can help. The pump infuses insulin continuously and provides you the flexibility to adjust dosing according to your individual needs, no matter what hours you may be working or how often that schedule changes.
    Continuous glucose monitors are relatively new systems that take automatic measurements of your blood glucose every few minutes throughout the day. A CGM consists of three parts:
    • Glucose sensor: a little gadget about an inch long that's attached to your skin with an adhesive, and penetrates the skin with a tiny needle called a cannula (like an insulin pump cannula). The sensor contains an electrode that helps measure your glucose levels from the "interstitial fluid" between the tissue cells rather than directly from your blood.
    • Transmitter: A tiny unit attached to the sensor that sends the results to the receiver.
    • Receiver: A separate handheld "controller" that displays your glucose results on a small screen. You also use this unit to manage settings and alarms. (In some cases, the receiver looks just like an insulin pump).

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    An insulin pump is a device about the size of a small cell phone or a pager that can be worn on a belt or kept in a pocket. It provides a constant background drip of insulin, plus a function to give mealtime, or "bolus" insulin, at the push of a button.

    Simply put, insulin pumps are the best tools currently available for delivering insulin in a way that mimics a healthy pancreas. They help insulin-dependent patients achieve the best possible blood glucose control, and at the same time, an unprecedented level of freedom and flexibility in their lives!

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    • Flexibility
    • Improved A1C
    • Decreased Blood
      Glucose Excursions
    • Fewer Injections
    • Only Requires One Type of
      Insulin (highly absorbable)
    • 24/7 Attachment
    • Skin Irritations
    • Glucose Monitoring Still Required
    The OmniPod is the first tubing-free insulin pump. This system includes two user friendly parts: the Pod and a Personal Data Manager (PDM). The Pod is a wireless insulin pump that can be worn almost anywhere on the body. It comes with a built-in infusion set, cannula and automated inserter. The PDM is the device that controls the Pod's functions. It comes with a built-in FreeStyle meter eliminating the need for you to carry a separate meter. The PDM also contains over 1,000 common foods with their nutrition information and stores pre-set carb values for user-selected foods. Since the Pod is waterproof up to 25 feet for up to 60 minutes, it's not necessary to disconnect it for swimming or bathing. The OmniPod works with Abbot's CoPilot Health Management System for data download. There are seven varieties of "skins" available for the OmniPod.
    The MiniMed Paradigm Real-Time Revel is the newest insulin pump from Medtronic. It can function as both an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM). The Revel has built-in continuous glucose monitoring technology that, when used with a sensor, wirelessly transmits continuous glucose readings back to the pump. It provides clear menu navigation and test reminders. You can also manually enter a glucose reading from any meter or use a One Touch UltraLink meter which wirelessly communicates with the system. It comes with a patented Bolus Wizard Calculator which helps to calculate insulin doses for various foods. The Revel works with Carelink Personal software to upload the pump and CGM data. The pump comes in 5 different colors and "skins" for a customized look.
    The Animas One Touch Ping is unique in that it's a combo device consisting of an insulin pump and a meter remote. This allows you to test your blood glucose and then dose your insulin all with one device while your pump remains discreetly under your clothing. You can even view basal rate and background insulin settings. The meter remote controls the pump functions from up to 10 feet away. It also contains a database which stores up to 500 foods and their nutrition information. The pump is waterproof up to 12 feet for 24 hours, so it doesn't have to be disconnected for bathing or swimming. It works with the ezManager Max data management software. The pump is available in 5 different colors and you also have a choice of 8 "skins" for customization of your pump.
    The Accu-Chek Spirit is a lightweight pump weighing only 4 ounces but it holds the largest insulin cartridge on the market- 315 units. It comes with a Palm® device and Accu-Chek Pocket Compass software for helping to calculate insulin bolus doses. You also get your choice of an Accu-Chek blood glucose meter. The pump features large side-mounted buttons making it easier to discreetly give insulin doses. It is waterproof up to 8 feet for up to 60 minutes, so it doesn't have to be disconnected for bathing or swimming. The display screen can flip 180° for easy reading no matter where you're wearing the pump or whether you are left handed or right handed. The Spirit works with Accu-Chek 360° software, insulin configuration software, and the Smart Pix device reader for data management. The Spirit comes packaged with a back-up pump that operates for up to 180 days, in the event that you have a problem with your standard pump, you can use your back-up!


  • Many people have found new freedom using an insulin pump. Liberty can help you live a better life too. We have a dedicated team of certified insulin pump trainers available to you around the clock, including a 24/7 telephone hotline for emergencies. These trainers are ready any time to help with your day-to-day needs and questions. 

    Liberty Medical is fully equipped to walk you through the entire process. All you have to do is place a call to our pump specialists at 1-877-922-7867.

  • Regain Your Independence

    Say goodbye to syringes and daily injections. With an insulin pump, you’ll have more control over your blood glucose levels, more flexibility in your diet, and you’ll have more freedom in your daily routines.

    An insulin pump means you never have to worry about carrying loose diabetes supplies everywhere you go, as you’ll be exposed to a continuous and precise drip of insulin 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll have more freedom, and you won’t have to worry about having to mix or change your insulin, as the pumps only require one type of highly absorbable insulin. In addition, dosing is as easy as pressing a few buttons.

    Who Can Use an Insulin Pump?

    Anyone who already takes multiple daily insulin injections—or whose doctor recommends they start—may benefit from an insulin pump. There is no age requirement for a pump, as they are used by infants and seniors alike. If you’re someone who’s always on the go, or if you’re someone whose insulin levels frequently spike up and down, an insulin pump may be a great alternative to the monotonous routine of constantly checking and monitoring your blood glucose levels.

    Here are just a few of the benefits:

    • Fewer doses
    • Very exact doses
    • More freedom and flexibility
    • Ease of use and portability

    * Please note that it’s important to get your insulin pump checked every so often to make sure it’s running smoothly. There is also needed a degree of maintenance that is needed for the pumps, and they should be replaced every five years.

    How an Insulin Pump May Help You

    If you’re an active individual, an insulin pump may improve your quality of life by allowing you to regain your freedom. An insulin pump transitions you from having to deal with needle pokes every day to dealing with just one poke every few days. Take life back into your own hands by calling us today.


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