• All insulin pumps work in a similar manner. But they differ in terms of programming options, battery types, infusion sets (the needle-and-adhesive set that attaches to the body), insulin reservoir styles, manufacturer’s warranties, and advanced features. Selecting an insulin pump often comes down to personal preference; Which model "looks and feels right" for you to wear on your body 24 hours a day? 

    Click on the products below to discover what models you may want to consider. And call one of our Insulin Pump Specialists at 866-224-0758 to find out if an insulin pump is right for you.

  • ACCU-CHEK® Aviva ComboRoche

    The Spirit takes advantage of a small package with a big punch with enhanced control, convenience and comfort - and it's smaller than a deck of cards, so it's easy to get the diabetes information you need.

    Animas OneTouch® Ping™Animas

    Get an insulin delivery system that’s small, sleek and highly accurate, from Animas.

    Medtronic MiniMed Revel™Medtronic

    Monitoring your insulin is easy with clear menu navigation and diabetes test reminders from Medtronic, a leading pump supplier to aid in diabetes management

    OmniPod® SystemInsulet

    From Liberty's array of unique diabetic products, we offer the world’s first tubing-free insulin pump - the OmniPod System is discreet and durable. Wireless and waterproof diabetes products.

    Tandem® t:slim® Insulin PumpTandem Diabetes Care

    Currently the smallest insulin pump, the t:slim Insulin Delivery System is much slimmer than other 300-unit insulin pumps. With its slim, compact design, the t:slim pump can be slipped into a pocket or worn discreetly under clothing.